invisalign braces dublin
From the time you pick up the phone to make your appointment you are treated like a family member with the highest degree of professionalism. I bring both of my sons here also and going to the dentist is never an ordeal. My first visit to the dentist as a child was horrific.Now neither I or my children have any fears, hence why I travel rather than use my local dentist. The so deserve the recognition. My children and I both have healthy teeth and regular check-ups. Thank you KBM
— Pamela, Patient of the clinic
It may have been cheaper to fly to Poland or to Budapest but the treatment I received in kbm dental has been wonderful. Dr Samborski is a very experienced dental implant surgeon that gives me great confidence. After the initial procedure it was of great comfort to wake up in my own bed rather than in some hotel room, facing a flight home to Dublin. I also love that I can pop back into the practice at any time if I need to and will be seen to immediately if I face any problems. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Samborski in kbm dental to anyone considering dental implants
— Mary, Patient of the clinic